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6 | 5 | 2020


BINA is jointly organized by 2 institutions: the Association of Belgrade Architects and the Belgrade Cultural Center. The sponsors of BINA are: the City of Belgrade, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia, and Serbian Chamber of Engineers.

BINA programs are designed and organized by a team of 6 persons, out of which 66% are women, with the help of 70 associates and 158 volunteers.

Over 15 years within BINA festival almost 680 program activities in total, have been organized: 137 exhibitions, 49 panels, 29 conferences, 148 lectures, 85 workshops, 114 thematic walks, and 8 projects.

Within BINA programs participated 763 lecturers who were representing 107 different professions. They were coming from the field of education and science - 116, architecture studios - 86 and professional associations - 58.  

Representatives of 46 countries from 77 cities participated in BINA. Most participants were from Austria - 47, the Netherlands - 38, Norway - 28, and the USA - 26.

BINA often implements its programs in co-organization and/or co-operation with other institutions (6 -Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Fine Arts, Faculty of Applied Arts, Center for the Promotion of Science, EUNIC and the Nordic Cultural Fund), with the support of a large number of foreign embassies (10 - USA, Austria, Denmark, Netherlands, Norway, Czech Republic, Finland, Spain and Portugal), foreign cultural centers, institutions, and organizations (18 - Austrian Cultural Forum, British Council, Italian Institute of Culture, Goethe Institute, Dutch Institute of Architecture - NAI, Romanian Institute of Culture - Cantemir program, EUNIC, Technical University-Graz, Romanian Association of Architects - Timisoara Branch, Museum of Architecture and Design - Ljubljana, Camões Institute - Portugal, Museum of Architecture - Wroclaw, KUNSTrePUBLIK - Berlin, MindSpace - Budapest, ReSite - Prague, Lower Austria Cultural Fund/KulturNiederosterreich) and several architectural festivals and weeks  of architecture (7 - London Festival of Architecture, Architecture Week Prague, Architecture Week Sofia, Tirana Architecture Week, Oris Days of Architecture, Timisoara Architecture Biennale, Lisbon Architecture Triennial).

BINA has about 18,000 visitors per year, out of which over 60% are women. The average number of walkers is 282 per year, traversing approx 13.4 km each.

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