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22 | 4 | 2019

Lidija Popović, MAPEI: Discovering the world of MAPEI

Mapei's production program in Serbia was first introduced in 2004. Over time, we have committed ourselves to high quality within the construction industry. In the role of building materials manufacturers, we have developed a vision of engaging in a creative design process, striving to build a productive relationship with its stakeholders. One of the goals we have set up is providing constant, quality, advisory services to designers. As the main product connoisseur, we also offer the necessary support to contractors, among other things, the training that enables easy understanding of the process of installing Mapei materials. Our cooperation with our customers in the construction industry is not limited to the presentation of materials, but also the upgrading of the concept of a construction professional, as training provides a more detailed perspective of disciplines and areas with which construction comes into interdependence, such as ecology. Bearing in mind that Mapei is permanently committed to the development of green, sustainable products, among others, low-emission products of organic compounds, our mission is to extend their knowledge to this important area.

In our work, we daily come to architects looking for inspiration and reliable technical solutions. Within a complex hierarchy of architectural projects, as a manufacturer we help architects to connect with building materials from the earliest design phases. It is important for us that in the initial phase of the project the architects are informed about a diverse range of products and materials available on the market, because only with complete information they can propose constructive solutions that are in line with conceptual proposals. We try to propose profitable solutions - which does not necessarily have to be related to the price, for example, with the fact that the installation is quick and simple, but also to help architects focus on information that really matters.

Thanks to those who choose Mapei materials to revive their work, we have been building the Mapei World in Serbia for fifteen years. We do not look at derived objects only as formal references, but as the wider context in which our products are presented, as part of the finished project and the result of complex architectural work. And after the first 15 years, we continue with our mission - which is to improve the quality of people's lives by supplying the market with sustainable chemical products for the construction industry. We are eagerly cooperating with all those who recognize the importance of careful consideration and aesthetic and technical aspects of building materials that will permanently remain part of their buildings. Together with them, we are building the future.
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