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Bring your own project Modelart Architects and Digital Design Centre


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Thursday, June 2, 2022, 19.00
BINA KABINA, Graphic Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Mila Milunovića 1

Concept: BINA / Organization: BINA
Participants: Modelart Architects and Digital Design Centre, Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad
Curator: Natalija Djukić

BRING YOUR OWN PROJECT is the title of an exhibition of young architectural teams who are to present their own creative ideas based on various principles of design in theory and practice.

At the time of creating a national architecture strategy, it is extremely important to recognize all the agents who participate and contribute to the development of architecture. At the global level, architecture is undergoing significant changes, with professional practice and academia transforming each other. The profession of architecture is increasingly based on teams and networking, and less on individual figures.

The collaboration between Modelart Architects and the Digital Design Centre is an example of continuous research on a large number of projects, when it is not easy to determine their beginning or their end. The cooperation between the research institution and private practice has resulted in unique designs, and this exhibition shows the process of their emergence through different phases. Creativity as the main driving force behind the profession of architecture is not a one-way street in this case, it is nourished and renewed through research and implementation of projects of different scope.

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