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GOOD URBAN LIFE Actions 2022 will be hosted as a special BINA programme. Following last year’s roundtable, successfully held at the Cultural Centre of Belgrade, where participants of various backgrounds and interests had a discussion on the topic of Good Urban Life, actions aim to put in place urban interventions on pressing issues. Therefore, this Good Urban Life edition is leaving the indoor venue to dive into the urban fabric of streets, forests, urban gardens, playgrounds, and leftover public spaces. Together with partners, which were already involved in the previous edition, as well as new ones, a series of interactive formats will be carried out at several locations in Belgrade. These actions will respond to selected pressing topics relevant to the quality and experience of public urban life. The programme includes five important topics related to the urban realm: HEALTH (health preservation), CARE (care for environment and people), URBAN FOOD PRODUCTION/CONSUMPTION (food demand), PLAY (playful interaction), and DIGITALITY (digital augmentation and application). These pressing topics are addressed by involving the public through different forms of action, through performances and workshops in selected spaces.

Curated by: Jelena Brajković (SRB) and David Calas (AT)
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