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BINA & Silosi play day

bina and silosi paly day


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Saturday, 18.6.2022., 11a.m.-16 p.m. / midnight
Introductory talk 11 a.m. – 12 a.m
Optional activities  12 a.m. – 2/3 p.m
→ Silos Belgrade, Danube Quay 46

Playful interaction, possibility of encounter, and active social and public life, these are basic human needs in urban environments. Since humans are social beings who need to engage in collective activities, social connectedness is considered to be one of the key dimensions of our overall health and wellbeing. Engaging in social activities excites us, calms us, and satisfies our needs for togetherness and belonging. We are so-called playful beings (Homo Ludens), and we actively search for playful interaction. Like children, we need to immerse in both playgrounds of imagination and playgrounds of physical realm. Good urban environment should offer us many opportunities to play, through urban and spatial design, but also a wealth of facilities.

This action has an aim to explore playful potentials in the urban. Silosi, an urban site in a Belgrade off space, provides the ideal space to perform such an action. Introduction to the urban site Silosi Area will be given, with an overview of diverse functions that have existed on the site, historicity of the location, its connection to natural elements, as well as the existing Spirit of Place. Both creative and spatial concepts for the site will be presented, with the discussion about what could be improved and changed. Placemaking Western Balkans will engage participants in place-making activities, Serbian Association for Recreation and Fitness in urban sports, and at Silosi Garden participants will engage in urban farming and beekeeping. As night falls, everyone interested would be able to experience the Belgrade Nightlife at Ponta 011 Bar, with musical vibes bz DJ Brka one of Belgrade’s favourite DJs.

Participants: Anastasija Ćetković, Silosi; Jelena Brajković, Zoran Đukanović Sanja Momčilović & Milena Ivković, West Balkans Placemaking; Dragan Tomašević, Serbian Association for Recreation and Fitness, Stanko Rajić, Belgrade Association of Beekeepers; Kristijan Molnar, DJ@Silosi

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