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Time Saturday, 11.6.2022., 11a.m-4p.m.
Streets of Stari Grad, Cafe Bar 16
→ Meeting place: Corner of Rajićeva and Knez Mihailove Street

STREETSCAPE is an interactive format that investigates qualities of Belgrade urban streetscape, its perception, but also possibilities of its improvement through new modes of interaction. This action will mainly tackle the pressing topics of play, care, and urban food production/consumption.

Play will be addressed through the aspect of creative and subcultural street appropriation. Street Art Belgrade will guide participants through street art and its connection with history and urbanity, highlighting artistic views but also artistic motivation behind art works.

The topic of care will be addressed through involvement of Café Bar 16 as a resting place during the street art walk. Café Bar 16 is a social enterprise, initiated by the Centre for Youth Integration, in order to extend support provided for the children who live and/or work on the streets. After the age of 15, children who come to Drop in Shelter cannot use this service anymore and can only rely on the support provided by the expert outreach team. The numerous problems they face remain. One of the most dominant is continuing their education and access to labour market. The priorities of the Centre for Youth Integration are overcoming of these problems, which is why a social enterprise Café Bar 16 was founded. During an extended break, participants will also have the opportunity to learn about and taste reimagined street food. Is it possible for food to be in “street, fast format”, yet healthy and nutritious at the same time? Can we reimagine street food and consume it as high-quality nutrition in a casual form? New Balkan Cuisine will provide answers.

Participants: Ljiljana Radošević, Street Art Belgrade; Jelena Bratičević, the Centre for Youth Integration; Vanja Puškar, New Belgrade Cuisine

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