Belgrade International Architecture Week
Beogradska Internacionalna Nedelja Arhitekture

Festival of Architecture BINA Belgrade

Belgrade International Architecture Week (BINA) was established as a festival that encourages and promotes intercultural dialogue, trans-national cooperation and mobility in the field of architecture.

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BINA Exibitions 2024

The Prendić Villa – New Perspectives, New Existence, Housing 2023 Understanding City Growth Bring Your Own Design Piranesi Award


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Restoration of 20th century architecture

In the last couple of years in Belgrade, a number of emblematic buildings constructed in the last century have been successfully renewed: the Old Fair Tower, BIGZ, the Observatory complex, Sava Center… What we have ahead of us is the sensitive decision concerning the future status of the Belgrade’s Fair complex. We will discuss the principles and experiences of reconstruction of buildings from this period with domestic and international experts.

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BINA Seminar

Friday, 31 May 2024

ARCHITECTS-DESIGNERS-PRACTITIONERS is a series of lectures and presentations for professionals. During the seminar, ideas and information pertaining to architectural design and use of new and innovative materials and products are exchanged. This year, the Seminar will be held in the renewed Building A of Sava Centar.

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BINA Walks 2024

We discover New Belgrade in the company of architects, art historians and artists, while sometimes even going farther… to Novi Sad… We dedicate these walks to reconstruction of buildings made in the 20th century, the works by architects Milan Zloković, Stojan Maksimović, Milorad Pantović, Vladeta Maksimović… We will visit some newly constructed buildings designed by our contemporaries. Join us…

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Networking and Guests

BINA is a part of European architectural family. BINA stimulates mobility of authors and exchange of programs, knowledge and experience. We have many domestic and international exhibitions, conferences and workshops behind us. This year, the programs will be realized as a part of the European architectural platform of LINA, and the EUNIC project “Urban Oases”
The BINA festival’s program is enriched with guest appearances GUL 4 – Kragujevac/Arsenal Placemaking; Centre for New Housing Cooperatives; Atelje A22 publishing house, Cetinje
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U toku je žiriranje za EU Mies Award 2024. Od 362 nominovana objekta 7 je iz Srbije.Više o Nagradi, nominovanim objektima i članovima žirija, možete pročitati ovde.

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