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During the last few decades, we have witnessed economic growth and infrastructure development, as well as a particularly strong tendency for human activities to be concentrated in urban and suburban areas. All this led to the growing and extensive use of available space. Huge advances in technology and construction methods have enabled more rational and intensive underground construction in cities. However, parts of buildings underground are often exposed to the effect of groundwater, in direct contact with moist soil, different types of soil or rocks, which are conditions that impose new challenges in terms of design and durability of materials.

Waterproofing of underground parts of structures is a key element in preserving the integrity and functionality of buildings. The role of waterproofing is to prevent the penetration of water and moisture into the construction, thus protecting the building from unwanted consequences that may result from water penetration, such as corrosion, mold, the appearance of cracks in the walls, and the like. In addition, waterproofing contributes to better thermal insulation of the building, which can result in significant savings in energy consumption for heating and cooling.

Mapei faces the construction challenges of the new age and approaches them with a complete system for the protection of underground structures from all potential risks and hazards such as water, moisture, underground gases and pollutants contained in rocks and soil. Mapei’s research and development laboratories have developed Mapeproof AL AP, a system of fully bonded HDPE waterproofing membranes for waterproofing vertical and horizontal surfaces of underground structures. Mapeproof AL AP represents an improved generation of bonded systems characterized by extremely simple application with proven mechanical resistance, durability and a guaranteed level of protection, safety and reliability over time. These membranes form a fully bonded connection with the concrete substrate and can be installed simply and quickly. Also, they retain their technical characteristics and performance properties over time, which significantly contributes to the durability of underground structures.

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