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Rebeka Bratož Gornik

Saturday, May 13, 2023., 18.00

→ CCB, Art Gallery, Knez Mihailova 6

Documentary film: Public Housing: Belgrade Mode 

Author: Rebeka Bratož Gornik, LINA Fellow

The urban development of Belgrade is complex and conditioned by historical and geopolitical context.  What is to seek beyond the built environment in terms of the city’s growth? For the research documentary which will be produced in Belgrade I decided to explore the city’s growth from modernism till today, focusing on the issue of public housing. Public housing includes providing safe rental housing for low-income individuals, the elderly, and other socially excluded groups. For decades, it has been ineffective due to poor urban planning. To seek answers and solutions on the topic of city growth the documentary film Public Housing: Belgrade Mode aims to present the rapid changes in city’s development through the perspective of its inhabitants, institutions, and activists.

The film Public Housing: Belgrade Mode will summarize the situation with public housing from modernism till today. The interviews with the individuals from the collective Ministry of Space and the Association of Architects of Belgrade will help to define the historical context of development of public housing in modernism and explain in what ways the politics was involved in the city development and question what kind of impact it has on public housing today. Through interviews with the A11 initiative and other participants in the field, the film is going to discuss the contrasts between the affordability of public housing in the modernist period and the contemporary times. To analyze how the city is growing and what can be done on this matter, the participants will be invited to review and examine how institutions, individuals, students, and other initiatives can contribute to the reinvention of Belgrade’s urbanism.

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