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2- 6 November 2021

Workshop / Panel / Round Table

Cultural Centre of Belgrade, BINA and Faculty of Architecture (Belgrade University) are organising Panel & Workshop THE GOOD URBAN LIFE whose main aim is connecting all the dots, aspects and parameters that make the good urban life – contemporary living that is stimulating, thriving, content rich and healthy.

Project is promoting multidisciplinary and holistic approach to questioning and conceptualising urban environments, their elements and essence, which add values to quality of life. It also promotes planning of urban areas as spaces and places „good“ for the people, but not only for the people, for the environment and nature as well. Although the panel topic is focused on urban life and environments, or exactly because of that, special attention will be given to discussing the relations between humans and elements of nature within built environment and urban tissue. The project will highlight potentials of biophilic design as well as use of NBS – Nature Based Solutions in urban sites and tissue.

In period 2-4th November at the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture The Good Urban Life Workshop will be held with students of Master Academic Studies. More information about the workshop can be found here.

On the 5th of November at Cultural Centre of Belgrade – Artget Gallery first day of the Panel will be held, at which, solutions that are celebrating the richness of architectural practice and the exuberance of the good urban life will be examined, discussed and dissected into elements. Parameters that make the Good Urban Life will be analyzed and noted within Good Urban Life Vocabulary and Moodboards. Overall aim of the panel is to provide insights into the human-nature-built environment triangle and identify possibilities for achieving harmonic relations between its elements.

Discussing this harmony is possible only through multidisciplinary approach which is why this panel will engage versatile participants with different backgrounds and areas of expertise. Main aspects that will be featured in the panel are: urban design and architecture, social and cultural life, sustainability and biophilia, wellbeing, new media and role of technologies in defining urban lifestyles and development of urban areas.

The Good urban Life Panel continues the research and discussion started within COST RESTORE ACTION – REthinking Sustainability TOwards a Regenerative Economy (EU-funded Pan-European project and network). The first Good Urban Life Training School took place in Vienna in September 2020. It examined possibilities, through holistic and scale jump approaches of urban renewal addressing the site-specific area of Brigittaplatz/Hannovermarkt in 20th Viennese District.

Program of both Panel and the Workshop will be closed on the 6th of November at Faculty of Architecture with students presenting their work and results, followed by discussion of the panelists, and conclusions made for future collaboration and directives.


Friday, November 5th, Cultural Centre of Belgrade, Gallery Artget, Trg republike 5/ I

10.00 Introduction to the Panel and BINA 2022

Danica Jovović Prodanović (Cultural centre of Belgrade), Vladimir Lojanica (University of Belgrade

– Faculty of Architecture),Adrien Feix (Austrian Cultural Forum)

10.10 Intro to The Good Urban Life

Jelena Brajković (University of Belgrade

– Faculty of Architecture), David Calas (Studio Calas Vienna, GIU Berlin)

10.30 Hidden Urban Treasures

Vldimir Lojanica (University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture)

10.50 Urban RESTORE

Emanuel Naboni (The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts – KADK, Universtity of Parma)

11.10 Care and the City

Sabine Knierbein (TU Wien)

11.30 The Art of Green Placemaking

Milena Ivković (Placemaking Western Balkans)

12.00 – 13.00 Coffee Break

13.00 The good Urban Life – Round Table Discussion

Moderators: Danica Jovović Prodanović, Jelena Brajković


  1. Architecture & Urbanity: Lidija Đokić, Zoran Đukanović, Branko Pavić (University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture)
  2. Urban Historicity: Miloš Spasić (Belgrade City Museum)
  3. Urban nature: Milja Vuković (Wild Belgrade)
  4. Urban Culture: Zorana Đaković Minniti, Ana Rodić (Cultural Centre of Belgrade)
  5. Street Art: Ljiljana radošević (STAW), Andrej Žižić Artez (Artez Streetart)
  6. Style & Fashion: Aleksandra Lalić (LalicA)
  7. Urban Vibes: Suzana Zlatanović (Luna Lu)
  8. Urban Gastronomy: Vanja Puškar (New Balkan Cuisine)
  9. Music & Night Life: Kristijan Molnar (DJ, Music Editor at Radio belgrade, Music program Director at Silosi)
  10. Sport & Leisure: Dragan Tomašević (Serbian Association for Recreation and Fitness), Dragoljub Milosavljević (Belgrade Running Club)
  11. Holistic Living & Wellbeing: Biljana Ćulafić (Modus Vivendi System – Centre for educatiion, Psychotherapy and Trauma)
  12. Nana Radenković (Nova Iskra)
  13. New Media & Smartisation: Enes Gogilić (

15.00 Wrap Up

Note: Working language – English

The live stream of event will be available on the Facebook channel of the Cultural Center of Belgrade.

Saturday, November 6th, Faculty of Architecture, Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 73/II

12.00 Workshop Results Presentation (Students) & Discussion (All)
16.00 Final Wrap Up & BINA 2022 Announcements

Organisation & Realisation: Cultural Centre of Belgrade, BINA and the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade

Support: Austrian Cultural Forum

Friends of the Project: Factory and the Association for Recreation and Fitness of Serbia

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