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Residential program / The second year

These LINA fellows worked in 2023/24 through BINA/LINA-UNDERSTANDING CITY GROWTH program:
Giulio Galasso (Italy), Alberto Roncceli & Nicole Vettore (Denmark/Italy), Maria Mendez (Spain), Nevena Delić (Serbia), Isidora Koščica, Jana Čvertkov and Lana Jeremić (Serbia), Sara Ramezani (Serbia)

We invited representatives of young creatives to Belgrade to give an insight into the development potential of Belgrade from their perspective through various media. This year, the focus is on New Belgrade, more precisely the Bežanija settlement/village and opposed brutalist mega structure of Bežanije blocks 61, 62 and 63. This border territory in permanent transformation, at the meeting point of the rural environment and the structure of mega blocks, is a great challenge for urban planners and architects. The first part of the LINA program, residency period, was dedicated to the research, meetings and workshops. During their stay, LINA fellows, in addition to the opportunity to get to know each other and exchange experiences, achieved cooperation with representatives of various institutions and organizations, local residents and representatives of different generations. The later period, upon their return, was dedicated to analyzing and defining the proposal. The last one was the joint exhibition “Understanding City Growth” during BINA 2024 festival, organized in the BINA pavilion. For the occasion of the exhibition all fellows gathered again in Belgrade to present their proposals that would contribute to improving the situation and quality of life in the neighborhood, preserving the identity of the place and transformations in accordance with the requirements of modern life and the needs of the residents.

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