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Beogradska Internacionalna Nedelja Arhitekture

Belgrade Urban Oasis 1


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One of the sites is located in the Center for Youth Integration (CIM), an organization dedicated to making society more inclusive for at-risk children. Through workshops, community engagement events, and artistic interventions, we are working together with the children from the shelter to reimagine and rejuvenate their urban environment. The public space/green area in front of the shelter is neglected, without proper activities and design, yet it could be adjusted not only for the children from the shelter, but also for the whole neighborhood, allowing better interaction among different users, as well as integration of marginalized groups. Coordinated by the professors and students from University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture and BINA, a model of a multipurpose neighborhood oasis is set up, where social interactions and collaboration are enhanced, by improving the safety, environmental and aesthetic qualities of the public space. Simultaneously, all phases of the project are used to educate children and other users on the importance of active and sustainable usage within the framework of local and social challenges. This transfer of knowledge is realized through workshops (theory and practice, games, etc.) and other group activities, while also improving the site through artistic interventions. The best student’s project, evaluated by professionals and the public, will be built on the site, and the public opening ceremony will be held in September 2024.

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