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Creative potentials of vibro-pressed and cast concrete elements on slab and ground

Streets are the lifeblood of our city. Public space includes streets, squares, waterways, recreational areas and parks; it is an integral part of the urban landscape and should make a positive contribution to the built environment. Good quality public space is achieved through details, materials and activities. Investment in these key elements can turn public spaces into memorable and enjoyable places.

The quality of our streets and open spaces is one of the elements that determine how the people who use it value it. Quality places encourage greater use, are better looked after and respected by those who use them. Our main goal is to achieve the above aspirations in practice by assisting with the hardscape design and technical support, delivering high-quality paving products for residential, commercial and mixed-use public spaces. Arhibet is engaged in the production, design and installation of concrete pavers and other concrete elements. Our gamma of products consists of concrete pavers, curbs, block steps, gutters, concrete pipes, etc. Architecture and concrete are an inseparable synergy of discipline and material that has created a new art – the art of paving.

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