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You will find the detailed program of the entire October Salon here:

Wednesday, 19th October, 2022

Knez Mihailova St., space in front of the Albania Palace in the daytime
Antonio GrgićXoće li i dalje ostati y dalekoj budućnosti [Will It Still Remain In the Distant Future]
participatory performance of building dematerialized architecture

Salon of the Belgrade City Museum, 30 Bulevar kralja Aleksandra Blvd.
13.00 – Picture of the 20th of October
Srđan Veljović, artist talking and walking with Dr Olga Manojlović Pintar, historian
Gathering in front of the Salon of the Belgrade City Museum

on the 20th of October all the venues will open at 00 and on the opening days, 20th, 21st, and 22nd they will work to 22.00

Thursday, 20th October, 2022

opening # 1
Cultural Centre of Belgrade, University Library “Svetozar Marković”, Salon of the Belgrade City Museum, Vojislav M. Jovanović Marambo Legacy House, façade of the Borba Building, façade in 25 Makedonska St, Pavilion at the Flower Square, the plateau in front of the Albania Palace, Danas Daily Newspaper, 10 billboards

Knez Mihailova St., part of the street among the buildings of the House of the Press (CCB), the former Russian Tsar Restaurant and the former Beograd Department Store
18.00 – Božidar Mandić – The Family of Clear StreamsA Howl for the Epoch, happening, 25’

Public space in front of the entrance to the Cultural Centre of Belgrade and the Vulkan Bookstore, in the pool of the fountain
19.00 – Milica Tomić, The Belgrade extension of the Edinburgh Statement: Who makes profit on art and who gains from it honestly, performance, Belgrade, 20th October, 2022, 20’
The extension of Dragoljub Raša Todosijević’s work from 1975 was performed for the first time ten years ago as part of the Pančevo Biennale and October XXX Symposium by curator Jelena Vesić. Several artists and critics were invited to re-perform and bring it into line with contemporary events the issues once raised as part of the October 75 project, initiated by Dunja Blažević at the Student Cultural Centre in 1975, as a counter-exhibition against the October Salon, which at that time was a kind of bureaucratic cultural event with bourgeois-modernist tendencies.
For the Belgrade performance of the Edinburgh Statement – Who makes profit on art and who gains from it honestly, Milica Tomić will perform a spatial-semantic extension of Raša Todosijević’s work, by introducing current positions and functions within the ‘system of art’,

Svetozar Marković University Library, 71 Bulevar kralja Aleksandra Blvd.
20.00 – Sanja Anđelković, Look up! I am no canopy – I am a Herald! speculative choral piece / performance, audio, 20′
Written and composed by Sanja Anđelković
Co-composer and sensory percussion: Lav Kovač
Cicadas: Živan Popović, Ivana Nožica, Branislava Zagorac, Vuk Popović, Vlado Ilić, Nataša Berić, Eleonora Vojnović
Conductor: Živan Popović
Costumes: Jana Stankovski

Salon of the Belgrade City Museum, 30 Bulevar kralja Aleksandra Blvd.
21.00 – opening of the 59th October Salon and cocktail party
21:30 – Slaven Tolj, Belgrade, October 2022, performance, 20’ (lower level)

Different locations in Belgrade on October 20th and 21th
Jörg BesserEggman, all-day performance

Friday, 21th October, 2022

The Cultural Centre of Belgrade Movie Theatre, 6 Kolarčeva St.
18.00 – Political Violence against Women in Afghanistan and New Scenario
Lectures, screenings of video works and talk with the audience
Sajia Sediqi, artist and Rahraw Omarzad, lecturer at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Kabul and the founder of the Centre for Contemporary Art Afghanistan CCAA and the Women’s Centre for Art.
Sajia SediqiFrom Red to Black to White, 10′
Rahraw OmarzadChanging Color, 5′, Gaming and Losing, 5′

The Cultural Centre of Belgrade Movie Theatre, Film Gallery, 6 Kolarčeva St.
19.00 – Activation of the objects and guiding through the exhibition and all the CCB galleries
Milica Tomić How on Earth?
Participants in a guiding tour and discussion: artist Milica Tomić talks with curator Jelena Vesić and the participating artists Anousheh Kehar, Abdelrahman Elbashir, Amel Bešlagić, Philipp Sattler.
The talk and guidance will be in Serbian and English with the possibility of consecutive translation into both languages

Knez Mihailova St., space in front of the Albania Palace
Antonio Grgić, Xoće li i dalje ostati y dalekoj budućnosti [Will It Still Remain In the Distant Future]
 – every evening during the 59th October Salon, a 30-second participatory performance choreographed by Joana Knežević will take place in front of Palace Albania

Saturday, 22th October, 2022

Pavilion at the Flower Square, the corner between Njegoševa and Kralja Milana Streets
13.00 – Karkatag, n(ex)t y(o)u/new revisionism, activation of the installation

Plateau in front of the Yugoslav Drama Theatre, 50 Kralja Milana St. (opposite the Pavilion at the Flower Square)
13.00 – Antonio Grgić, Monuments Sing, participatory concert at the Statue of a Wounded Man made by sculptor Vanja Radauš (1906–1975)

Vojislav M. Jovanović Marambo Legacy House, Folk Literature Department of the University Library, 24 Birčaninova St.
15.00 – Milica RakićI Am Beautiful Like a REVOLUTION – Gala reception of DRUGarica rakič

  • A limited edition of the booklet, specially issued within the 59th October Salon, will be given to the visitors: 10 Poems for the October Salon or The Truth of Language, Damir Avdić, Goran Babić, Dubravka Đurić, Vlado Martek, Dragana Mladenović, Radmila Petrović, Maša Seničić, Maja Solar, Marko Tomaš, Monika Herceg

BORBA, 7 Trg Nikole Pašića Sq.
Borba Library, 5th Floor
17.00 – Nemanja Cvijanović, The Meaning of Symbols of Artistic Interventions In Public Space Today, in 2022, discussion regarding the artistic intervention on the façade of the Borba Building “Betrayal of a better future”
Patricipants: Artan Sadiku, political philosopher, Vladan Jeremić, artist and culturologist, Nemanja Cvijanović, artist

Cultural Centre of Belgrade, Movie Theatre, 6 Kolarčeva St.
19.00 – Forward to the Past, talk
Meeting with the founder of the international initiative “New Patrons” from the perspective of the unique Yugoslav experience of cultural production.
Patricipants: François Hers, Ivana Momčilović, Dr Višnja Kukoč, Sonja Leboš, Simona Ognjanović and Ana Panić
In cooperation with the Museum of Yugoslavia, the Yugoslavia Edition, the Association for Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Research from Zagreb, and with the support of the Kultura nova Foundation, the French Institute in Belgrade and the Cultural Centre of Belgrade

Cultural Centre of Belgrade, 6 Knez Mihajlova St. offices
20.00 – Vocal-Curatorial Syndrome (Senka Latinović, Vladimir Bjeličić), Crime Scene, 2022, performance, 60’
The number of visitors is limited. To make a reservation, write to
Gather in front of the official entrance to the CCB

Sunday, 23th October, 2022

Rudnik, Brezovica 32313
Commotion, happening
Art as Irritation, a talk on the grass
Patricipants: Igor Štiks, writer, Nebojša Milenković, curator, writer, blogger and social activist, Bojan Jovanović, anthropologist, writer, filmmaker and Božidar Mandić
The number of visitors is limited. To book a place, write to
Organized bus transportation.  Departure at 11.00, and return from Rudnik at 17.00.

Entry to all venues is free, and entry to the National Museum of Serbia is free on Sundays

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