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FLORIM, the brand with which we have been doing business for years, was declared one of the 100 most prestigious and highest quality brands, the data coming from Ales Research, a firm that deals with identifying companies with the highest quality businesses. Florim is the only brand from the world of ceramics that received this recognition. The Eurodom company is proud to be an authorized importer of one of the most prestigious brands, as this is another guarantee and confirmation of our quality.

FLORIM is a product brand since 2022.

The global reputation, recognition and awards of the FLORIM company in the last few years are the result of the brand improvement strategy.

Before that, FLORIM was a “Corporate Brand” and all its products were classified into six commercial brands: Floor Gres, Rex, Cerim, Casa dolce casa – Casamood, CEDIT and FLORIM stone.

In February 2022, FLORIM becomes a brand, and four “pioneer brands” (Floor Gres, Rex, Cerim, Casa dolce casa – Casamood) have evolved into architectural, luxury, creative and contemporary expressions of design, each with its own style.

Floor Gres – Architectural design

A technical material that follows architectural trends, for applications such as industrial floors and public projects with medium and high traffic, such as: airports, shopping centers, restaurants, offices and shops, as well as residential applications with targeted aesthetic content.

Rex – Luxury design

Prestigious and refined materials among the most precious that nature has to offer. Flaunt luxury or sophisticated use of materials for informal and bold elegance. Rare, precious and closely related to the client’s needs, the material is reinterpreted to express the concept of modern space.

Casa dolce casa – Creative design

Complete interior projects where elegance and creativity find the perfect balance. The project comes to the fore in a constant dialogue between the search for color on the one hand and material influences inspired by nature on the other.

Cerim – Contemporary design Varied, dynamic and fresh material suitable for decorating any domestic environment according to individual styles and personalities. Different surfaces also provide the right answer for commercial applications with medium and low traffic.

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