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Friday, June 2, 2023

Faculty of Philology and Arts

→ Sestre Janjić 6, Kragujevac

Curators/Organizers: Jelena Brajković, Natalija Bogdanović

BINA and the Faculty of Philology and Arts, University of Kragujevac

In 2023, the GOOD URBAN LIFE project enters its fourth year of implementation of the Good Urban Life format, which varies each year depending on the thematic focus and the location of the program realization. Good Urban Life (GUL) was launched in 2020 (curated by Jelena Brajković (SRB) and David Calas (AT)) and includes different participants, cities, ideas, approaches, as well as results.

As part of special BINA program this year, GOOD URBAN LIFE is realized in Kragujevac in cooperation with the Department of Interior Architecture of the Faculty of Philology and Arts. Last year’s concept of interactions in public space remains the main thematic backbone, with the fact that in the context of Kragujevac the focus is on ephemeral spatial practices. Kragujevac was chosen for the location of this program unit as the host of a good urban life, due to current projects on the topic of ephemeral spatial practices, as well as for the purpose of decentralization of BINA, which realizes part of the program activities with institutions, associations and participants outside of Belgrade, who operate in the fields of architecture and urban planning, education and culture in general. In Kragujevac, GUL continues to test program formats in selected locations, building an increasingly rich base and vocabulary of GOOD URBAN LIFE.

From 2018 to 2023,  on the initiative of various participants, important collaborations took place and significant projects were realized in Kragujevac, such as temporary spatial-art installations in public space as part of the Architecture Day in Kragujevac (2018), the research project Architecture of the Territory: Kragujevac within the collaboration of professors of the Faculty of Architecture and FILUM (2021), spatial practice projects realized by professors and students of FILUM (2020-2023), as well as the international summer school of architecture EASA (2021). Through the retrospective of realized projects, research and workshops, we discuss the quality and experience of life in public spaces of Kragujevac. The program activity is realized through three formats: exhibition (Spatial Practices 2018-2023: Kragujevac), lectures and professional guidance problematizing public spaces of the city. Participants: Dr Jelena Brajković, Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade; Dr Pavle Stamenović, Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade; Natalija Bogdanović, Faculty of Philology and Arts/FILUM, University of Kragujevac Elena Džinović, Tamara Nešić, Easa Serbia; Lazar Mandić, JP Urbanism Kragujevac; dr Bojana Pašajlić, Faculty of Philology and Arts/FILUM, University of Kragujevac; Ivan Radulović, Chief city planner, City of Kragujevac;  Nevena Matić, Danijela Aksić, Katarina Todorović, Jovana-Mogić Sretenović, Ognjen Pavlović, third-year FILUM students

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