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BINA WALK – Competitions

Guided by: Anđela Karabašević Sudžum & Vladislav Sudžum
Sunday, 29.5.2022., 10.00-12.00
→ At the entrance to the construction site from Nikolaja Kravcova Street

“The New Era of Ložionica” walk will introduce the audience to the unique story of the former steam locomotive turntable of Belgrade Railway, during the past 100 years from the construction of Ložionica, to its current abandoned and devastated state, and ongoing plans for revitalization of the entire space by implementing the 1st prize competition design by AKVS architecture office. The walk will be organized at the site of Ložionica, through guiding and talking with the authors of the awarded design, the jury, and other participants in the competition.

The area of ​​the Turntable, Railway Depot and Water Tower represents an extremely important spatial ambience of the city, cultural and historical heritage of specific “industrial archaeology”, which testifies to the development of railway in Belgrade and Serbia. This place is a witness to the technological, scientific and economic progress of our society, at several turning points in history – the development of Railway, along with the construction of Ložionica, more than a century ago, the construction of Belgrade-Zagreb Highway, Gazelle Bridge and Mostar loop half a century ago, as well as the construction of Belgrade Waterfront complex and the major transformation of the Sava amphitheatre that is currently underway.

In 2021, the Government of the Republic of Serbia, the Office of Information Technology and eGovernment, in cooperation with the Union of Architects of Serbia, announced a public architectural and urban design competition for the conceptual design of the Creative-Innovative Multifunctional Centre “Ložionica”. The subject of the competition was the reconstruction and conversion of the abandoned industrial facilities for the needs of modern creative industries, including the design of open space around ​​the Turntable, and the construction of a new Business Annex building for the Office of Information Technology and eGovernment.

The first prize in the competition was awarded to Belgrade-based architectural office AKVS architecture, for a design that seeks to establish a synergy between carefully preserved and repurposed industrial heritage of Belgrade Railway Station on the one hand, and the technologically progressive new Business Annex on the other. The previous Railway Turntable becomes again a focal point, but now the point of pedestrian circulation in public space, with radial and circular routes directing visitors to the surrounding structures and facilities. The new Bussiness Annex is introduced as an expression of technological progress at the present time, just like the Railway 100 years ago and Belgrade- Zagreb Highway 50 years ago at the same location. Its oxygen envelope – large microalgae tubes suspended within the light structure – creates and promotes healthier work conditions in one of the most polluted environments in Belgrade. Award-winning design is currently in the phase of preparing technical documentation for the purpose of obtaining a building permit, and the beginning of construction is planned for 2023.

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