Belgrade International Architecture Week
Beogradska Internacionalna Nedelja Arhitekture

to Dwell:BEST – South Tyrol / Belgrade


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Tuestday,  June 6, 2023,  18.00

6 – 16 June 2023

→ Faculty of Fine Arts Gallery, Knez Mihailova 53

Kustos: David Kalas

Curatorial cooperation: Lorenz Jocher, Sven Wuttej

Concept and exhibition design: Studio Calas – Vienna

Organization and curatorial support: Lisa Trockner, Danica Prodanović

Set up and installation: Team BINA 2023

A cooperative effort of the Belgrade Cultural Center (KCB), Belgrade International Architectural Week (BINA), and the Federation of South Tyrolean Artists (SKB)

The architectural encounters presented during BINA 2023 in cooperation with the Federation of South Tyrolean Artists (SKB) at the gallery of the Faculty of Fine Arts give insights into approaches of different creative spaces as well as creative periods. The exhibition pivots around the English term „to dwell“ – referring either to a temporary stay, a prolonged period of residence, or even an existential striving for presence. Visitors are confronted with an exhibition that provides glimpses into the process and the result of architectural creation.

The six architects – including three from Belgrade and three from South Tyrol – belong to different generations. Teams of young, middle-aged, and not-so-young architects present their creative efforts on the basis of three works each. When contemplating these works and pondering the common denominator of „to dwell,“ visitors are likely to recognize parallels, similarities, as well as regional differences. The displayed projects allow visitors to immerse into individual design inspirations and personal forms of representation.

The following architectural teams and architects are participating in the exhibition. In alphabetical order:

Aleksandar Stjepanović
AKVS architecture
Othmar Barth
Martin Gruber Architekt
NAEMAS Architekturkonzepte
SARDO architects

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