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Transformation of public spaces in Šabac from 2015 - 2020.


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Guided by: Milena Zindović, ŽAD & Igor Marsenić
Saturda, 4.6.2022., 14.00-20.00
→ Tourist bus stop, Studentski trg

Throughout its history, Šabac has always been proud of its modernity and its position that brought progress to Serbia, especially in the 19th century. In the decades of geopolitical changes in the 20th century, it lost this role, and for years it was recognizable as a polluted city with the chemical industry, and then the centre of the import of used cars into transitional Serbia. However, Šabac has a valuable and authentic culture of visual arts, as well as a developed urbanity that is rarely found in smaller towns south of the Sava and Danube Rivers, which deserve to become recognizable brands of this city on the Sava.

From 2015 to 2020, a creative team of young artists, architects, and urban planners gathered in Šabac, who were given the opportunity and strong political support to modernize the public spaces of Šabac and thus imprint a new modern layer on the complex identity of this city. In this brief period, a large number of design projects for public urban spaces were implemented, as well as a number of contemporary sculptures and artistic murals in public space. During BINA field trip to Šabac, we will visit the following:

  • Vinaver Square, author Milena Zindović
  • Graffiti dedicated to Vinaver, passage from Dunjić’s house to Karađorđeva St., authors Vuk Đurić, Stefan Stojanović, Dragiša Marinković, Đurađ Stevanović
  • Reconstruction of Benska bara, authors Marina Kleyweg, Jelena Simić, Jana Bogdanović, Ksenija Lukić, Milena Zindović
  • Sculpture Factory in Benska bara, author Branislav Nikolić
  • Sava Avenue, authors Milena Zindović, Marina Kleyweg, Jelena Simić, Ksenija Lukić
  • Sculpture Dialog, Marko Vukša
  • Monument to Jevrem Obrenović, author Vladimir Tović
  • The Square of Šabac Victims, authors Bojan Alimpić and Ksenija Lukić
  • Mural Change, author Igor Marsenić
  • Mural on the building of the Cultural Centre, author Branislav Nikolić
  • Sculpture Childhood, in the park near Sokolana, author Marko Crnobrnja
  • Mural dedicated to Fleka, passage near Višnjica, author Đurađ Stevanović
  • PIN in front of Big Park, author Rok Bogataj
  • Big Park (Moon, Milky way, Bunker, Sun) – authors: Katarina Dubljanin, Marijana Vasić, Marko Gavrilović, Slobodan Arsenović, Milena Zindović, Igor Marsenić

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