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Belgrade Urban Oases


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Belgrade Urban Oases: Transformation of Neglected Spaces Through Artistic Interventions

The Belgrade Urban Oases project will refresh three neglected urban spaces in Belgrade, using the power of art and community engagement. During this initiative, the selected locations will receive a redesigned look with a focus on new green spaces and urban elements. The students of the University of Belgrade – Faculties of Forestry and Architecture will be responsible for the new, participatory design of the mentioned locations, in cooperation with their professors, domestic and international experts and the local community. The Belgrade Urban Oases will also deal with activating the local community through urban design workshops for citizens, public events and artistic interventions, in which children and adults from both Centers will be actively involved. In this way, key urban points that encourage awareness of the environment, sustainability and inclusiveness will be created. The project is taking place during 2024. The three urban areas in focus are the surroundings of the Youth Integration Center in Zvezdara (CIM), the Center for Accommodation and Day Care for Children and Youth with Disabilities in Julino Brdo, as well as the location near the Arboretum of the Faculty of Forestry in Banovo Brdo.

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