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Professor Colony – walking tour


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Guides: Bojana Ibrajter Gazibara and Aleksandra Šević, Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of the City of Belgrade
Sunday, 02.06.2024, from 10.00 to 12.00

→  Corner of streets Ljubomira Stojanovića and Jaše Prodanovića

The walk through Profesorska kolonija (Professor Colony) will shed light on both theory and practice of garden cities development, as well as different phases in shaping of the Professor Colony in Belgrade. The founders of the Colony were Belgrade University professors and assistants, PhDs, and academics. The architectural and urban development of the area can be divided in two phases. The buildings that were made from 1926 to 1927 belong to the first phase and were based on several project types that were available for the Professor Colony. These buildings make the historical core of the area and have a significant architectural, urbanistic, cultural, and historical value. The buildings erected from 1927 to 1941 as a part of the architectural and urban development of the area, belong to the second phase. These are single family houses and rarely residential buildings. They were built in the styles of academic architecture and modernism, or without characteristic stylistic features.

The walk includes a tour of the part of the Professor Colony where the Prendic Villa is located. The micro-location of the park in the Osman Djikic street, surrounded by residential objects erected during the second phase of building the Professor Colony, is yet another great example of the modern movement in residential architecture of the 1930s. During the tour we will analyze the architecture of the authentically preserved villas of this micro-ambient, white also making comparison with the Prendic Villa itself. The complete process of reconstructing the villa, a result of collaboration between the investor i.e. the new owner, and the Cultural Heritage Preservation Institute of Belgrade, will be analyzed in situ. All the processes that led to reconstruction, research, validation, and analysis of the project, contributed to the right approach and understanding of the values that needed to be preserved. This is an example of good practice in preserving the original design, construction, materials, and organization of space, which is rare nowadays. The reconstructed authentic modernity of the object once again demonstrates its durability and the extent to which it contributes to the overall quality of both architectural and urban values of this part of the Professor Colony.

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