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Hotel “Yugoslavia”: Identity and transformation


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Guides: Goran Vojvodić and Nebojša Antešević
Sunday, 16.06.2024, from 10.00 to 12.00

→ Hotel “Jugoslavija”, Bulevar Nikole Tesle 3

Hotel “Yugoslavia” (opened in 1969), together with the immediate surroundings of the river bank protection according to the project of architect Branislav Jovin, represents an urban and architectural heritage of exceptional artistic and cultural value. Located on the Danube Quay, on the dividing line between the city municipalities of New Belgrade and Zemun, the hotel is a symbol of the former state whose name it bears, as well as an iconic structure of modernist heritage and a benchmark of New Belgrade’s urban city area. With the buildings of the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Ušće Tower (former building of the Central Committee of the KPY), the Palace of Serbia (SIV), the park and the quay promenade, it forms a significant spatial, historical and urban space of New Belgrade. The hotel was built after the 1947 first-prized competition design, like most of the prominent buildings in the city, where authors of the design were architects Mladen Kauzlarić, Lavoslav Horvat and Kazimir Ostrogović (Architectural Design Institute of Croatia). The interior design was realized according to the ideas of Belgrade architects: Ivan Antić, Mirko Jovanović, Vladeta Maksimović and Milorad Pantović. When Hotel Yugoslavia was built, it was the largest and the most modern hotel in the SFRY.

Due to its cultural-historical and architectural features, Hotel Yugoslavia deserves appropriate protection and adequate restoration.

After the first privatization, the owner of the hotel became the “Hypo Alpe Adria Hoteli” group, and upon their request, a design solution for reconstruction of the hotel and its extension into a commercial-business centre was made by the companies of “Birovia” and “Mašinoprojekt”, and architect Goran Vojvodić (2008-2010). The hotel building was previously under the protection of the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of the City of Belgrade, but in 2011 the protection was waived under questionable and unfounded circumstances.

Current events, arising after the sale of the hotel and the announcement of the construction of an inappropriately large residential complex (240,000 m2), point to further devastation of the hotel, calling into question the survival of the building in its architectural and functional sense.

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