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The French embassy and the monument of gratitude to France


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Guides: Bojana Ibrajter Gazibara, Belgrade City Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments

Friday, 02.06.2023, 14.00-16.00

→ In front of the Monument of Gratitude to France, Kalemegdan

The monument of gratitude to France, the work of Ivan Meštrović, at the end of the main avenue of the Kalemegdan Park, was ceremonially unveiled on November 11, 1930. With its characteristic conception, expression and symbolism, it occupies an important place in the development of public monuments in Serbia. Due to its cultural-artistic and socio-historical importance, as well as aesthetic and artistic values, the Monument of Gratitude to France was declared a cultural monument in 1965, and in 1983 it was determined as an asset of great importance for the Republic of Serbia.

The building of the French Embassy in Belgrade, at Pariska 11, was built in 1927–28 according to the project of the French architect Roger-Henri Expert in the Art Deco style. Symmetrically conceived, with a central semi-circular and two side trapezoidal avant-corps, the building has a marble cladding with shallow relief cladding, the symbolism of which is based on French motifs. At the top of the facade there are three female figures, cast in bronze, holding olive branches in their hands, and the author is the renowned French sculptor Carlo Sarrabezolles. On the courtyard facade of the embassy, reliefs depicting a boy with a dog, a girl with a fawn and two other female figures were made by the local sculptor Petar Palavičini.

foto Lj. Miletić Abramović

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