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Time of architecture in Valjevo


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Guides: Jasna Aleksić and Jovan Jovanović (Association of Architects of Valjevo), Zoran Abadić, Jelena Bogosavljević and Goran Anđelković

Sunday, 04.06.2023, 07.00-20.00

→ Bus stop on Studentski Square

A trip to Valjevo includes getting to know the urbanity of the city and its historical heritage, with an overview of a number of buildings that mark the last decades of its development.

During the nineties of the last century, a peculiar phenomenon happened in Valjevo – a large number of architecture students organized themselves and initiated the first in a series of architectural events in the city, after which the Association of Architects of Valjevo was founded at the end of 1995. Through the work of the society, a kind of architectural scene, joint actions and initiatives in the city were created, following the organization of a series of architectural competitions, exhibitions, forums and the publication of three editions of the publication “Time of Architecture – Architecture and Urbanism in Valjevo” in 2005, 2010 and 2021. In such a milieu, architects in Valjevo began to look at their profession and practice differently. Working on projects has become something more than just work and creating project documentation; now it is also a place to participate in the city’s architectural scene, so every project is seen as a future realization, which will be exhibited and published and discussed among colleagues and the general public. It can be said that the positive examples of the architectural scene in Valjevo, mainly in the domain of housing, are mostly the result of individual actions of architects in one small town, and not of any systemic program in a wider framework.

During the trip, a reception at the Association of Architects of Valjevo and a tour of the following buildings and city units in Valjevo are planned: City Square (authors: Milan Lojanica, Predrag Cagić and Borivoje Jovanović); TeÅ¡njar old town bazaar and Muselim’s inn; House of culture Valjevo; Valjevo gymnasium; Social housing facilities (authors: Zoran Abadić, DuÅ¡an Milovanović and Jelena Bogosavljević); Bank of Valjevo annex (authors: Predrag and Nada Đukić); Building of the Commercial Court (author: Vladeta Simović) and the plateau with the Monument to Prota Mateja Nenadović (work of Milomir Jeftić); Building of the former Mortgage Bank (architect Vasilije von Baumgarten); A series of new residential and business buildings in the city center (Studio AGM, Anđelka Mandić Milutinović, Mihailo Popović, Jasmina Popović, Ljubica Dražić…); Natural unit of the river Gradac

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