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How can functionality and aesthetics be combined? ACO DRAIN ® aesthetic drainage solutions.

ACO Serbia and Montenegro is a part of ACO Group, which is one of the world leaders in the development and production of innovative solutions in the field of surface and indoor water management. With its integrated approach and solutions, ACO is committed to professional drainage, cost-effective treatment, controlled release and water reuse.

It was founded as a family company in Rendsburg, Germany, in 1946, and nowadays, ACO Group has more than 5400 employees from around 44 countries, and operates in 35 production centers, on 4 continents. Authenticity, feeling of belonging and the commitment to the top goals achievement, are what ACO’s corporate culture is based on.

Additional strengths, of which ACO employees are especially proud of, are communication, knowledge and experience exchange, cooperation and permanent creativity incitement, on a global level. These experiences we share with our partners on various building projects, such as airports, logistics and distribution centers, shopping centers, ports, hotels, business and private objects, where ACO products are inevitable parts, which contribute not only to functional – but also to the aesthetic aspect of the object.

The latest generation of channel drainage systems has a range of gratings to complement installations, which require discrete drainage. ACO are supplying linear drainage for the projects to provide efficient and sustainable surface water management for impermeable areas across the site while meeting the aesthetic and engineering demands of its features, also as hydraulic and loading requirements.

Alongside performance and aesthetic appeal, drainage needs to be straightforward to install. The ACO drain is compatible with all surface finishes. By opting for products which offer aesthetic versatility and long-lasting performance, those tasked with delivering visually arresting projects can be assured of the longevity of their designs.

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