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A contemporary, luxurious but balanced lifestyle
Inspired by the ancient and refined beauty of alabaster, the Rêves de Rex collection lends itself to various stylistic interpretations: the warm colours with matte finishes create natural and relaxing atmospheres, the pearl and blue tones emit light and uniqueness, revealing an infinite potential that is waiting to be explored.

The industrial history of Floor Gres, in which intuition and technology are merged with a keen focus on the quest for aesthetic appeal resulting in a full body collection, produced to the highest standards of sustainability, contributing towards building the city of the future.

Match-Up of Cerim features an interplay of different contrasts that interrupt the bareness of minimalist interiors through tactile patchwork suited to a balanced mix and match of styles and colours. Match-Up is therefore a fresh project that places no limits on individual choices and enhances the space with a few carefully chosen interchangeable elements that express your ideas and personal taste.Atmosphères de Rex
Atmosphères de Rex is a collection with rough yet elegant taste offering a contemporary reinterpretation of the simple, informal luxury of Pierre Bleue, a sedimentary stone from Belgium with its profound, thrilling energy.

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