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New look of our cities

Mapei systems for urban interventions, lecturers: Uroš Jovanović and Đorđe Jovanović

The need for neat, inviting, and pleasant outdoor spaces has never been more urgent than in the last few years. The health crisis has highlighted a need that has been apparent in cities for some time: for improved planning, use and management of open public spaces. We do not refer solely to great parks and squares whose design, construction, and maintenance require immense time, energy, and financial investment – resources that are not always available to everyone. We refer to spaces that are in the immediate vicinity of users, accessible without the use of transport, a stone’s throw away, so to speak, from the place of residence or work. We are thinking of small spatial units in the blocks or districts for socializing and communication that should be accessible, comfortable and pleasant, adequately equipped and high quality, without being demanding in terms of maintenance – which introduces sustainability that has already become one of the key factors in urban interventions.

In recent years, we have been actively exploring this topic, which is extremely important for Mapei. We have been following modern trends such as the so-called “tactical” urbanism, also known as “guerrilla”, “pop-up”, or “do it yourself” urbanism – a principle that implies economical intervention in public space in order to improve the quality of life in urban areas.

Apart from modern tendencies, we do not forget tradition either. Relying on the 85-year experience of the parent company in the field of reconstruction and rehabilitation of architectural heritage in Italy and worldwide, we have successfully applied solutions for historic units and city centres. We offer efficient solutions for squares, façades, pavements, pedestrian areas, roads, and other urban structures, especially where the original aesthetics has to face high-intensity external influences, while guaranteeing longevity.

When it comes to initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life in cities, Mapei has become a reference point for all designers, landscape architects, engineers, and other professionals involved in improving public spaces in urban areas. With its targeted solutions, materials, and products that are a combination of aesthetics, practicality, and durability, and at the same time in perfect harmony with the requirements of current standards and modern construction practice, Mapei provides safety and durability for various types of urban interventions. Whether it is a historic square or a piazzetta, modern sports ground, park, or recreational area, Mapei can provide innovative products and technical support for various types of construction works, allowing interventions to be completed quickly and with a minimal impact on the environment.

In addition to delivering technologically advanced products that are also environmentally friendly, we have a highly qualified team of experts who will support designers in the development of technical specifications, and contractors in the execution of works. Together we can create more exciting, picturesque places for life that stimulate imagination and are favourite meeting places, which enrich people’s lives and are also stimulating and motivational for members of the local community.

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