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Novi Sad Architecture promenade


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– Belgrade railway station
– Novi Sad railway station
– Contemporary architecture in Novi Sad – Kuzmanov and Partners
Guides: Branislava Lazović and Lazar Kuzmanov
Sunday, 23.06.2024, from 07.00 to 20.00

→ Belgrade railway station Prokop

Novi Sad Architecture promenade
Lazar Kuzmanov

The promenade was the characteristic route of Novi Sad residents throughout the city’s history. To this very day, citizens of Novi Sad love walks in which they meet or run into each other, and this kind of socialisation is typical for Novi Sad. 

This is the very reason that would make the architecture promenade guided by architect Lazar Kuzmanov so very interesting. We will tour and showcase the buildings designed by KUZMANOV AND PARTNERS Architectural Studio in the last ten years, and talk about them as we stroll the streets.  

In the Liberation Boulevard, there is a residential building that will serve as the meeting place and the point of departure for the story about the residential and business building often said to be recognisable, attractive and seductive. We move with our promenade to the housing structure on the corner of Železnička and Sremska streets, where we will analyse the encounter of the street frontages that make this recognisable angular house. We continue down the Vasa Stajić Street, the greenest and the most beautiful street in the city, and in front of a residential building, we talk about the mathematical split of the façade cover of this building which has received multiple awards. As our tour continues, we observe the reconstructed People’s University, the VEGA IT Palace located in the immediate vicinity, and from the 13th floor’s roof terrace we conclude this architectural tale, observing the city from this impressive viewpoint and enjoying the beautiful cityscape of Novi Sad. 

With this interesting Novi Sad Architecture Promenade, we will open many a subject, interesting to us architects, but also to any citizen that might join us in this exciting and dynamic tour of Novi Sad streets.

Railway Trip from Belgrade to Novi Sad
Branislava Lazović

The reconstructed and modernised two-track main railway for speeds of up to 200 km/h connects the stations of Belgrade Centre (Prokop), Stara Pazova, Novi Sad, Subotica and Hungarian border. The railway has been designed in three sections, their total length being 182 km. By March 2023, the first two sections have been finished.  

The departure station for the main railway is Belgrade Centre, Prokop. The idea of building a train station in Prokop is several decades old. The design was finalised in 1974, its authors being architect Živorad Lisičić and Professor Srboljub Rogan. The initial works began in 1977, and were discontinued on several occasions, due to state priorities, lack of funding, wars and sanctions. The station and the station building Belgrade Centre were being built between 1996 and 2016. The works were restarted in 2018. 

In August 2022, the works had commenced on constructing a new station building at level 105, while in autumn 2023 this building was officially opened for use. The station is passed through by up to 300 trains a day, it has ten tracks and six platforms. The plan is for access road that would connect the station with the highway to be built, as well as a station building below level 105. 

The building of Novi Sad Railway Station was built in 1964, after the design by architect Imre Farkas, as one of the biggest architectural and civil engineering endeavours that marked the post-war period in the country. In its shape, characterised by clean cubes without ornaments and simple functional solutions, it belongs to modern architecture. It is recognisable due to its saw-like roof structure of the main hall and 17 types of marble built into the interior and exterior. It has become a recognisable symbol of the city and recorded as a building that enjoyed previous protection, while in 2017 it was included in the list of the world cultural heritage (

The interventions made in the reconstruction enabled introduction of new contents, with minimal alterations to the physical space of the station building.

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