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Smart solutions for your home

Home comfort is not just about aesthetics, it’s about how you feel. Schneider Electric is developing innovative solutions that enhance the look of your home and your lifestyle, reduce your electricity bills, and protect your family and your memories.

Many years of experience in developing household solutions enables improvement of your living space with reliable, efficient, and intuitive technologies, from light switches to electrical switchboards. Schneider Electric products and solutions protect your family and your home from the risk of fatal electric shock and fire, and protect your electronic equipment from surges. Schneider Electric enhances your interior with modern switches and makes your life easier by adding practical features to your devices.

The new unica range meets all the desires of interior designers

With the latest aesthetic trends in mind and user-friendly designs, new Unica range of products is made of an array of sophisticated materials, in order to make homes more comfortable and convenient for everyday life.

Main advantages of the new range, characterized by simplicity, beauty, and everyday life that customers want are, among other things, easy mounting, providing more space for wiring, compatibility with previous systems, and adaptation to uneven walls.

Especially tailored for clients interested in smart home technology, the new Unica range includes all the wiring devices you need to enhance the style, comfort, and safety of homes. From lighting control to entertainment system connections and smart home functions, Unica is ready to meet your clients’ current and future needs. Automatic light control with motion sensors improves safety and energy efficiency. Rotary and pushbutton dimmers, compatible with both conventional and LED lighting, help easily adjust the ambiance. Clever design innovation makes the Unica range easy to mount on a wall, but also on OptiLine45 parapets with one-click mounting. The new Unica range includes three frame designs: Unica Studio, Unica Pure and Unica Pro.

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